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Warner Bros Not Happy With Birds Of Prey – The DCEU Continues To Fall Apart

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40 thoughts on “Warner Bros Not Happy With Birds Of Prey – The DCEU Continues To Fall Apart

  1. DC have great superheroine i hope they don’t destroy there characters with some feminists propogonsa like what marvel did with captain marvel plzz dc dont do the same error like marvel dont be fkn woke.

  2. Change #1: Fire everyone involved except the actors and laborers.
    Change #2 Get an actual Comic Book writer (from at maximum 10 years ago) to write an actual story, no matter how long it sets off schedule.
    Change #3 Don't read any tweets, at all, until after the movie premieres (still don't read them anyways, Twitter is a disease).


  3. these KARMA because the act idiot stupid @dccomics/@wbpictures who like despotic the important people who make his comic book movie adaptation into wide screen is will reap the rewards for their own losses in the future and now it has been proven that @dccomics films especially from dceu saga are only seen as garbage

  4. So Snyder is a controversial director for many people but I for believe he’s a great visionary. The problem is WB executives appear to have screwed him over on more than one occasion.

    Both BvS and JL were meddled with which caused a very different outcome.

    I’m team Snyder.

  5. I think they should build on Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman and should they do a Flash movie, use the Flashpoint stoyline to retcon the shit like Suicide Squad and Justice League.

  6. DC hired the girl Roberta Pattinson from Britain 🇬🇧 to play the alpha American man. DC turned the Amazon Princess Wonderwoman into a goddess. DC hired the Disney reject, clone Abrams to move their franchise forward. A menapausal hag is running the American white mans franchise and they are certainly going to produce trash!

  7. So many characters/superhero teams that DC have and they make a Birds of Prey?????? It almost seems like they don't want my money

    (I mean, it looks like the line up is more in the lines of Gotham City Sirens but what ever)

  8. to paraphrase a great movie quote, i've seen monkey shit fights at the zoo more organized than this.

    as if the DCEU wasn't already taking on water faster than the titanic (shazam wasn't a hit), they want to add 'wokeness' onto their problems? well, i guess when you have twilight batman you might as well go full stoopid.

    someone at WB is saying, 'we don't know what we're doing, but we're in so deep we might as well keep doing it.'

  9. Why did they think making a Birds of Prey film now was a good idea?! They should’ve chosen other DC Characters not related to Batman to make movies! If the successes “Aquaman” and “Shazam” has shown us anything, it’s that non-Batman related DC films can be done right and be successful.

  10. Oh look, more sjw bullshit ruining another movie….At this point I'm pretty much done with Hollywood, everything is so focused on identity politics that the characters and stories really suffer from it.

  11. Why does everytime they change a character's orientation or skin color or casting a gay actor or poc actors yall always assume "THis mOvIe IS wOKe"

    dont you guys think theyre trying to be a little bit creative?? like why does it bother you that much??

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