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Walking Across ALL of Dark Souls 3!

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What is it like to walk from one side of the world in Dark Souls 3 all the way to the other? Let’s find out!

Dark Souls 3’s level design is pretty rad IMHO, maybe not as amazing and arguably groundbreaking as Dark Souls 1, but it’s still pretty great.

Do you like Dark Souls 3’s world. Do you like Dark Souls 2’s world?! Explain your opinion in the comments section!

Think I missed something that you’d like to see in another video? COMMENTS SECTION.

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6 thoughts on “Walking Across ALL of Dark Souls 3!

  1. So I’ve never played this game but want to and I kind of skimmed through the vid so I wouldn’t get any spoilers but do u ever go out side in this game??? Like forests

  2. Oh shit! I never thought to do that drop at 2:19 !! And damnit, I tried (and have a video) doing the 6:18 fall but fail miserably. Didn't realise had to step down to that lower part and fall onto that slightly raised part at the bottom!

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