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Twisting the Knife- Final Fantasy XV Blind Story Playthrough Gameplay

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We’re FINISHING THIS GAME! Welcome back to this series, let’s see how Noctis can continue after last playthrough as Final Fantasy XV ramps up for an epic finale. Gladio, Ignis and Prompto are the best buds! In today’s vid we find out Gentiana’s secret.
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36 thoughts on “Twisting the Knife- Final Fantasy XV Blind Story Playthrough Gameplay

  1. I cant get pass ch 3 or 4, I lose interest in the story no where near as good as like 6 or 7 you get that behemoth hunt that was so good and then nothing like it I played for a bit after that up to Ruma no I don't know if that's CH 4 or not but that was when I stopped.

  2. Strange, I'm so glad your back on this.
    By the way, did you know his name, "Noctis" means "night" in Latin? and "Luna" is "moon." And the name of the city, "insomnia" means "no sleep" …..Beautiful right? Its pretty romantic.

  3. Already at 1000 hours, got Platinum… and beat all the DLC + Multiplayers at 100%. But not yet to have times to touch the Royal Edition 😢😭. This playthrough really inspire me to return with our boyband someday 😟…

  4. She played it with all the new stuff first time! This patch (astrals lore, gentiana luna cutscene) especially that cutsecene with gentiana luna made it sok much better

  5. Lol, realized first now that during that train free-roam, you could see it is moving even on the radar (most easy to spot when standing still)….wonder if it the next scene thus would have happened if just having Noctis idle. ^^

  6. Have to admit that the game had some shares of confusion and "whatever are they talking about" 's regarding the plot, but loved completing it. Though maybe Square should have added the dlc side-stories a'la the Espisode: parts, around same time the game was released, since they tell what happes to Noctis' comrades after the three spots in the story where they leave the party etc.

  7. Are you going to play the Royal Edition ending too? It may be a little too much for some, but nevertheless it does add to the ending, and has a few nice scenes you shouldn't miss if you've gotten this far.

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