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Top 10 Things Birds of Prey Got Right & Wrong

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Can you not get enough of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn? Are you excited for Birds of Prey? Well, we just saw Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, and the movie absolutely lived up to the hype! For this list, we’re only focusing on how accurate, or inaccurate the movie’s protagonists were in regards to the spirit of the source material, and not its overall plot points of villains, so as fantastic as Ewan McGregor was as Black Mask, he won’t be an entry….

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Birds of Prey Got Right & Wrong

  1. A few corrections. Harley killed kids before. She actually plants bombs in game systems after breaking up with the joker on her journey to "find herself" and ends up killing at least 200 people with no remorse.

  2. So, this is a pretty good list, but I have to disagree that not having Oracle in this movie was wrong. While I think it'd be great to have Barbara Gordon in a future Birds of Prey movie, her character's back story is way too complex to just fast forward through for sake of having her in this film. I'm looking forward to see how Harley Quinn's story continues in James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad."

  3. I guess it made sense switching Cassandra's backstory, her and Huntress having similar backstories and all. It'd have been confusing to have two orphans becoming assassins. Although, it could have been some funny lines poking fun at how common that is with DC.

  4. I think it would have been better without Harley. Focus on the birds of prey. End the movie almost the same way but have Montoya take huntresses bike after black mask when Canary clears everyone out.

  5. It was okay not the best not the worst. I had no expectations coming in so it was okay. I’m gonna say I didn’t care about any other character beside Harley since I just didn’t seem much character in anyone else. And the movie plot was not much for me. Which would be fine but if they add more character to the other birds. But I do love the visuals. It was very beautiful. And the fight scenes were great.

  6. Saw it yesterday. I had some fears about it but I really enjoyed it. It was funny, characters were cool and fight scenes looked really good. I definitely suggest it, it's much better than Suicide Squad

  7. It is true that harley did get manipulated by the joker she did make the choice to follow him her purpose to him was to get him out of Arkham asylum this is just for the people attacking the joker the joker gets irritated by her he truly doesn't like her she came he used thats all

  8. Cassandra Cain is also Batgirl in the comics. So although Barbra Gordon is the Batgirl in the original Birds Of Prey, there still IS a Batgirl in this version of BOP. The original Batgirl in the comics is Betty Kane, so really they aren't really totally out of line as it's a film adaptation not an exact telling.

    This can allow for future Batgirl involvement.

  9. I dont know why people doesn't like this movie. It was a great movie. Action scenes were well choreographed and creative, never seen anything like it. Black Canary was awesome. Hope to see more of that canary cry though. Ohhhh plsssss plsssss do another movie with Black Canary 😍

  10. As if I thought watchmojo couldn’t get worse I discover they have an all female centric “miz mojo”’lmao the cringe is real. Idk how these generic top ten channels are still around

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