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THE SEARCH FOR EXOTICS | Prey (2017) Playthrough Let's Play – Part 6

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25 thoughts on “THE SEARCH FOR EXOTICS | Prey (2017) Playthrough Let's Play – Part 6

  1. "Rompi Scatole" Rompi >> break scatole >> box
    It's italian slang. It's used on a person that's irritating you. Calvino s accent is pretty decent ! It s pretty similar to our italian accent; the dubber did well

  2. About the choosing career paths with the existence of neuromods, wouldn't it be possible to uninstall the same one "after work" and then reinstalling the morning after? I'm only thinking about this based on watching Bricky's playthrough so I don't know if it's like a one time use thing or suck out upgrade and then reinstalling it again thing.

  3. 35:50 They are a subvariant of the phantom called Etheric phantoms.The reason why a second one came out of thin air is because there special ability is split into a second phantom(the clone has the same amount of health as the original).They also leave a pool of ether on the ground when they die.

  4. Anybody else slowly die each and every time bricky walks past the safe that holds the shotgun in his office? Seriously, he has looked at it so many times but has never checked it.

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