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THE AH-1 COBRA – Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Helicopter Gameplay

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27 thoughts on “THE AH-1 COBRA – Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Helicopter Gameplay

  1. Ahh the cobra, the granddaddy of the apache if they were people the cobra would be a guy with a hunting rifle, and the apache would be his grandson who has an M-60 with a LAW rocket launcher

  2. Punji traps aren't meant to be quick to place down, you're digging a pit and filling it with spikes but they are actually super useful. Seriously traps are worth placing down if you feel you have even a little bit of extra time

  3. I am a good pilot in all games, i have allways loved to be in pilot role.. but not in this *
    Why? Because there is no settings for air vehicles!!! I mean: no key bindings.. only invert mouse and sensitivity… What an shit… 🙁

  4. Hey developers! You did not get this game right. I am no Vietnam veteran but even I know that the worst thing Americans flying above even as hostile area as A Shau Valley, was radar guided anti aircraft artillery, not SAMs. You had anything to fear from SAMs only if you were flying over North Vietman or very close to DMZ and the very first SAM fired from North Vietnam against a chopper flying over South Vietnam, was in about 1972. Besides S-75 Dvina (SA-2 by NATO reporting name) was an extremely undependable, almost harmless weapon. You had to literally fire *SEVERAL TENS* of them just to shoot down one aircraft due to their awfully bad quality and inaccurate homing system but the North Vietnamese probably didn't object much if they got them all for free from the Soviets.

  5. Normally, the enemy would use sams to take out the AC47. The sam would target that first. As soon as you hear the beeping, you flip the heli, reduce collective to zero, turn the heli right side up, then increase collective to 100% and stabilise the heli. It is the quickest way to lose altitude before the sam targets you.

    Edit: You also shouldn't raise collective before the optimum rpm is reached. That would increase the time it takes to takeoff. I can not stress how annoying it is to hop into a helicopter with a guy who does this.

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