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Swarm of the Raven (BEST DPS WEAPON) | Destiny 2 Season of Opulence

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Swarm of the Raven is the Iron Banner Grenade Launcher and is currently one of the best DPS weapons in Destiny 2. Today we’ll be going over the god roll for this thing, and citing some sources on how it competes against other top DPS contenders.
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31 thoughts on “Swarm of the Raven (BEST DPS WEAPON) | Destiny 2 Season of Opulence

  1. Just got it this pasted Iron Banner with Hard launch, spikes, field prep,rampage and velocity masterwork. I still love my Love and Death tho with spike, field prep and full court. Sucks I got handling instead of velocity but still a happy camper.

  2. Does swarm still beat out the other aggressive frame launchers? I can’t figure out if the tractor cannon still favors void or if they normalized the elements in that regard.

  3. Lower blast radius allocates more of the damage to the grenade direct hit, which makes a larger portion of the damage to benefit from spiked, increasing damage. Knowing that it's also good to remember to maximize your blast radius stat if you're playing proxy nades (pvp?) because they never get the direct hit damage, thus increasing blast radius increases their damage.

  4. @aztecross gaming can you check and see if there is a bug with merciless, (I play on Xbox) I noticed when using merciless when the rpm ramps up the damage goes down. I really hope this is a bug.

  5. Wow. You have the EXACT roll as the first swarm I got, the one with hard launch, spike, threat detector, and rampage. Including the barrel and other kind of grenade you could choose. My other one is hard launch spike and field prep, but it also has genesis so :p

  6. Cross I have a setup for hunter ( stomp-E5 and strafe jump plus bottom tree arc strider with any ricochet weapon The recluse is recommend )
    Here’s how this setup works you use the ricochet weapon on a wall and make your self critical so you activate the combat meditation perk on the arc strider class so you regenerate your abilitys you probably know where I am going

  7. I got anarchy on my first scourge run, then a 1k voices on my 9th run, I've called in over 150 packages and have yet to get a swarm of the raven to even drop with spike nades…. rng is bs

  8. I got one with spikes put boss spec on it locked it couple hours later its not spikes grenades its some other shitty mod i wanna die dunno what happened to grenade spikes did i dismantle it did it changed its fucking ways we may never know

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