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Suros Regime is Surprisingly Good (Final review of 2018) | Destiny 2 Black Armory

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This is our Final review of 2018, and no better weapon to end the year on that Suros herself. Suros Regime is an exotic auto rifle that at one time, was the most dominant weapon in the game. Today we’ll be reviewing it in our current sandbox, it’s time to kill values, and deciding whether Suros Regime is right for you.

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22 thoughts on “Suros Regime is Surprisingly Good (Final review of 2018) | Destiny 2 Black Armory

  1. oh and by the way where I do use the slow mode is when I use it in PVE in PVE spend enough just seems like a waste of bullets because you the ship's died but you know you hired another eight bullets at it before you realize it's down the spitting up Mojang just go pop pop pop next Target pop out you know what I mean it's a lot more useful in PVEEric said that I mostly switch to sleep business and TV and and just hold the trigger down on stop cuz I'm working on the catalyst

  2. Also the actium war rig seems to fill your gun too fast when shooting it on the slow mode so staying in that bottom half is difficult unless you're going all just terrible terrible terrible shot missing lot but I seem to even as bad as I kill people and then the damn thing reloads back up into the low damage part of the magazine

  3. I think the reason spinning up seems like a better PVP option is because you're in that bottom half of that magazine at 900 RPM and if you get that lucky moment when there's three or four of the enemy team in front of you and you take them out you know one two three you're doing it at that increase damage level at 900 RPM it's like submachine gun speed but with higher than normal assault rifle damage. That's sad in the other mode you can sit there and precision hit somebody in the head and and still dance around avoiding shots that's satisfying to but I think I personally give better performance in the spending up mode

  4. dude I'm a shity shot okay and so trying to get headshots with hand cannons or whatever is hard for me. I was I can do but I don't like wearing out my controller squeezing the trigger over and over and over and over again so I am in love with the suros regime I was in destiny 1 I've always liked that gun and nah I think the thing that could have made it really nice is if the catalyst let you switch between spinning up you know between the two the two damage levels just like Borealis let you switch between elements by holding down on the reload button because there are times I want that and I'll slow hard damage and there are times I want the the spin up

  5. I’ve just got it today and am actually shooting it at the 360 speed and I’m literally melting people in Iron Banner. It doesn’t feel fair right now. Idk, I haven’t even tried it with spinning up yet.

  6. How are you going toe to toe with so many people and having up to three seconds to kill them? Almost everyone I see in the Crucible kills me if I don't get the job done in less than 1.

  7. The catalyst said
    +50 to recoil direction which is needed. Its recoil direction is the reason it feels inaccurate without auto rifle targeting. It should get a range buff but as well but not max. maybe +15

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