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So your Teammate "Lost the Plot" | Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

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15 thoughts on “So your Teammate "Lost the Plot" | Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

  1. Nice commanding.I really like it when watching your videos and you come in and get the team to rally together,you seem to be the best at rallying people.
    I try to finish the match round no matter how bad it is.

  2. i guess those slurring your accent don't really have the nuts to take on the role of Commander – nor do they understand which country you are from! you have to laugh in the end Anthony. the 'little boys' still need to get much needed attention from the big boys with the big trousers on! its good though to have you back uploading your videos – much appreciated and enjoyed. but really Anthony, you must get over to Verdun for some real chaotic action. there is no time to slag one another off because its so hectic. id love to see you and your gang get over there and take it seriously and see what you come up with. it is a unique game that needs a little shove from the professionals like yourself. Tannenberg is also excellent. i know – i know – the funny jumping models wobbling all over the place, but its a great game too with huge potential – yes the server numbers aren't so good and the bots are wankers – but again, with a little interest from you guys, who knows! cheers drew.

  3. with a team like that i would have done kinda the same to take over the commaned when needed and try to give orders somepeople always make fun but it can still payout for the match itself 🙂 also nice video 🙂

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