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SISTER FRIEDE & FATHER ARIANDEL! (no summons, NG+) – Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel – Part 2

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Prepare for rage!!!! Also this is in NG+1 so even harder than usual, and as I havent progressed much in my second playthrough, I was probably under levelled!
Lots of love to all my subs and anyone who watches x
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49 thoughts on “SISTER FRIEDE & FATHER ARIANDEL! (no summons, NG+) – Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel – Part 2

  1. Just love your sailors mouth especially with your accent, but I understand why, this boss was a pain in the arse even though it's probably one of if not the most well done boss in DS3!

  2. Hardest boss in my opinion. I am not sure if people now that but using katana you can interupt her grab attack if you time it correctly with L2 + R1(LT + RB) attack.

  3. Hi great Video, Hope you don't mind me asking but I'm thinking of making the same kind of videos. How do you have your audio set up do you record separately? I'm wanting to play on PS4 so not sure best way to record.

  4. You know..I don’t play dark souls..but when I see a boss about to leave stunlock..I usually dip and not be greedy on hits..take notes

  5. Guess wymmynz have s-word privileges. Second phase of this boss sucks BTW, it's such a pointless, dragged out time-waster. This fight really should have just been Friede and Blackflame Friede, and that's it, that would have been difficult but fair, but with that ganky bullshit wasting your time and healing, it's just plain unfair and annoying. It also makes Friede look like a tryhard mary sue, like fuck off, how many times do you wanna come back to life EVEN STRONKER THAN BEFORE, she's like a fucking Dragonball villain.

  6. What's these noob bitching about darksword? Are they even have a real clue what they're talking?
    They're many more scrubby weapons than darksword like that fucking paired greatsword or lothric knight sword for example.
    She's just playing a PVE and you talk like she killed your grand parents by using darksword OML.
    If you're so trashy that you think a freaking darksword is a big problem you're nowhere above that level yourself.

  7. Man I miss the way this game and Bloodborne made me feel after killing hard bosses. My first run, I beat 2 phases with no estus left and was talking shit. Then she ressed and immediate killed me. Took me another like 20 attempts just to get back to phase 3 lol Great game, best bosses ever

  8. It's funny how you said you felt sick . . . because when I did this fight and lost like 15 times in a row, I was literally ill. My head throbbed, I had a stomach ache, and I needed to sleep. I took a bit of time off though and played it again and beat it. This fight is BRUTAL. To the point it makes people ill . . . lol

  9. From Software are just losing the plot now. Just make the game impossible and have done with it, you sadists.
    I've finished all three and I'm done. On top of it having a worse community than Overwatch, there's no point putting yourself through this.
    Nioh is based on skill. And skill alone. This is just rolling, healing and praying.

  10. Sister Friede fucked me so fucking hard. Like seariously. Died like 30 times. Broke my controller too lol. Beat her today at sl 115. She is not actually that hard if you know her move set, when too keep distance and when to get close.

  11. Lol all these people bitching about r1 and telling her to "git gud". Y'all are just mad because you lose to people who use that strategy. Also who gives a shit it's pve.

  12. OMG! LADY! You Seriously Need To Git Gud! Like Really… For How Long Have You Been Playing Dark Souls Now? And You Still Haven't Learned Anything XD .. But I Love Watching You Suffer… Cause Of Your Mistakes! XD (GIT GID!) TROLOLOLOLOL

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