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Salty Birds Of Prey Fans Try To Sabotage Sonic Movie! Sonic Is Wholesome!

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There is a really weird group of people trying to tank the movie before it is even coming out! People Online are spreading hateful rumors about the PG rated movie ahead of it’s release and it’s salty birds of prey fans. HUGE Ups To Manscaped For Supporting Our Channel! Grab Your Kit Today! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code QUARTER at


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48 thoughts on “Salty Birds Of Prey Fans Try To Sabotage Sonic Movie! Sonic Is Wholesome!

  1. I'm laughing hard at these folks. Really try hard on asking people to watch Birds Of Prey. Especially when I see the family ones. Like….. seriously I have seen my share of folks bringing kids under 10 to R-18 rated movies which tbh. Are you kidding me? Then when younger generations begin to do the R-18 stuff under the age they should not. Parents begin to play the blame game while they are the ones who influence them in the first place by bringing them to watch the R-18 movie. While trying to slam a movie which is for the families to enjoy for all gens. The Sonic movie is harmless. They are just afraid that the political movie they made lose to a fanbase movie which is Sonic and their gender message loses to the void of Sonic shadow.

  2. There was a kid I knew in high school and the kid was a total furry/weeaboo who had a fursona, his notebook was full of Sonic OC characters and wore the same Sonic hoodie everyday to school 😂

  3. I’m a massive Sonic fan and want this film to be successful. The franchise is one of the most famous video game mascots who is a game character for everyone. So what’s this sh*t about it being homophobic and racist. Sonic is a great film and you should watch and support the studio, franchise and Actors.

    (Also in America can you walk out of a cinema screening and go into another one without paying mid film?)

  4. i just came back from wtching sonic at this tiny theatre with literally just sonic and birds of prey showing. literally nobody was going into birds of prey

  5. This is when you know the Social Justice movement has fucked up. When a film about female empowerment or some shit flops, and the people are trying to destroy a movie that was based on a video game, that the director actually listened to criticism and fixed the problems. Social Justice is a joke nowadays. What’re you wasting your time doing? Getting people to watch a mediocre movie instead of one where people actually put some effort into it? That’s pathetic as all fuck.

  6. This is such a manufactured controversy. Right now there are a dozen Anti-SJW crybaby channels attacking Birds of Prey over the same irrelevant tweets by nobodies, pretending there's an actual backlash against a fucking kids movie starring a blue hedgehog. I call BULLSHIT. 100% guarantee the people raking in the clicks defending Sonic from the "Woke" are the same people behind the original Sonic attacks. It's all a grift.

  7. Don’t fret; celebrate. These are the death throes of verified Twitter.
    This level of desperation, and the feeling of the shift in the general cultural climate…they’re relevancy is finished. They won’t be gone, but they’re done. Baked.

  8. SJWS: You guys are sabotaging our reviews and our movies!!!
    Anti-SJWs: You guys are sabotaging our reviews(our gamer games) and our movies!!!!
    Anti-sjws are the same thing take an outside perspective and you can see this.

  9. What matters in a story is the message and its entertainment value. Especially if it's a property that is from another media.

    I as a female dont want to watch Birds of Prey because firstly the advertising was a bit annoying being all "female power", the name change because I wanted a Birds of Prey movie not just Harley Quinn (I love her character but if the main ads are centric on harley, then it should be called Birds of Prey. Call it Harley Quinn beforehand. Also the cartoon series for Harley I believe does her character more justice), and the fans are getting a little bit overboard. Not all mind you but some of them just are acting like entitled brats.

    The sonic movie was something I wanted to watch firstly to laugh at and jim Carey but after the redesign I wanted to watch because it looked awesome. Its handling the character and looks quite entertaining. Plus it proved the point that not all things in the "toxic" sonic fandom are bad. It's one of the fandoms best moments getting the redesign.

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