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Rising Storm 2 Vietnam – Attacking squad leader Song Be

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Note: This video has been reuploaded due to youtube processing getting messed up in the first upload.

Another day another Rising storm 2 Vietnam video for you guys. In this video I’m playing Squad leader. My only goal is to spawn in my Divided boys in good positions so they can get the kills they deserve. I knew I had to do well since Song Be is a hard map to attack. It usually ends with attackers being stuck on Alpha and Bravo. However, With good players getting the frags and them getting…

2 thoughts on “Rising Storm 2 Vietnam – Attacking squad leader Song Be

  1. Nice video dude. Hey i have a cuestion:

    I understand that with the passage of time they have put new items of customization, but it is compulsory to buy the DLS or can you get everyone playing?

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