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Outlast 2 Lore – Main Story Explained

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In this video i encompass how to make sense of both the dreams and the increasing insanity of Blake and the local populace in this area of rural Arizona while linking it to the other characters and the finale. This video is kept as short as possible but also highlights how Outlast 2 links with the original Outlast and the Marcoff Coroporation (the antagonist of the first game).

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28 thoughts on “Outlast 2 Lore – Main Story Explained

  1. Around the same time of Lynn on her deathbed and making the comment "there's nothing there", the shadow of Blake's hands can be seen on the ground. And it's just his hands casting a shadow. There's no shadow of the baby.

    Lynn suffered from the fake pregnancy that killed women in the Whistleblower DLC.

  2. Can someone explain to me If all of the people on the surface including Blake are affected by the Murkoff's Radio Towers, and going crazy how Ethan (Anna Lee's father) is not affected by the Murkoff's Radio Towers, and he is Sane person???

  3. to the ending the baby has no shadow so it is your caracters imagen that the baby is there but on the end I think this isn't the sun its the tower with cost the radition of the humans that turn then for some time into the enemis that we se and run from so the tower is pointing at him and you become…you thing, one the end there are all dead I think that the radiation killed everything leaving thing on the what is your enemy? the air of the tower that cose the radiation.

  4. Yeah basically the whole town and farm and mines an the people there, are just basically a massive Murkof experiment and tests and that's why Blake is confused why there's town/farm etc with people in cause it's a massive asylum like place running a secret experiment. I think it could be a psychological weapon or just Murkof playing God again with people. Cause I think the people in outlast 2 were just normal people before all the madness happened with the relay towers and experiments, it just drove them all insane. To the point where they don't act like human beings, more like feral animals

  5. based on what people are saying, the baby or pregnancy being fake and all (which i didn't catch 😔) i think that explains why the thing fuckin slid out of her like it was covered in butter LMFAO

  6. I know everything now the white flashes from the murkoff tower caused the hallucinations of the apocalypse and fake pregnancy, Blake is still alive and was found by murkoff and taken in for questioning Lynn is really dead caused by a ruptured tumor not a baby and knoth poisoned the villagers and killed himself Marta is dead impaled by the cross.

    Also the school scenes are mostly in reverse order look at the clocks everytime you go there you start with blake escaping the school and then you go back an hour each time taking you back to the incident that started it all Blake was trapped in the school all night trying to save Jessica from loutermilch either they both escaped and she hung herself later or only Blake escaped and she broke her neck on the stairs and loutermilch hung her staging it as a suicide hope that helps.

  7. This is probably just overthinking, but the rain streaks on the window of the helicopter look a bit like Sperm Cells when they're going sideways. No idea if that was an intentional development thing, or just me over thinking stuff

  8. This is a good story and everything, but I don't see how the developers can justify having a plot so hidden like this, considering the high amount of scripted events and cut scenes. It was clearly designed that way to promote videos like this, lore videos reminiscent to Dark Souls.

  9. That theory about Lynn talking about there's no heaven or something is bullcrap ! I think you see the afterlife when you die she was still alive and looking at his hands how can she be talking about the afterlife she has to be definitely talking about the result's of the fake birth …that Blake is probably holding nothing and it's weird as fuck there's no way a baby can be functioning normally after just 24 hours of pregnancy i mean yes it's fiction but come on… I like how when she was dying said "There's nothing there" like what the fuck just happened to us this night you can hear it in her voice ! It really was a messed up story.

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