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New Series: Trying Hard! | For Honor Ranked

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(season 11 gameplay)

I’m still experimenting with this format, I’m not too happy with the end result, but that’s what trying new things is all about!
I want to keep this kinda stuff as low on edits as possible, but if you got any constructive input, please send it my way! ^^

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49 thoughts on “New Series: Trying Hard! | For Honor Ranked

  1. I'm still experimenting with this format, I'm not too happy with the end result, but that's what trying new things is all about!

    I want to keep this kinda stuff as low on edits as possible, but if you got any constructive input, please send it my way! ^^

  2. I stopped playing duels a long ass time ago, I play them sometimes but it's mostly 4s, I wanna play assassin heroes, but they are not viable at all for duels and really the only heroes that don't get shut down instantly are boring as all hell. Plus, I don't enjoy playing cheesey heroes, but I guess I can bring myself to like Raider just a bit, never understood his hate train, what I don't get is the fact that the Shugo or Hito hate train isn't bigger.

  3. How is that cheese lol, shugo was using his option select wisely and it is so easy to punish dodge happy people with shugo. Just wait man, u dont need to dodge his unblockable heavy, just go for the parry when the time is right and if u see the demon's embrace initiation, then dodge.

  4. Undodgable Follow up light is easy deflects!!!
    Use your back dodge all Guard to create distance!

    Also, I like your choice in ornaments (best ornament in game), but your judgement on Executions is trash. Hope you enjoyed using Valkyrie in ranked bud.

  5. While I was in diamond 5 I beat the guy who was grand master 5 (raider). He quit out at after the victory was announced and I gained 28 percent.

    Next game I won against a diamond 5 Hitokiri, gained 55 percent and went straight to grand master…

  6. I really want to play ranked with my LB but I'm so shite comparatively to other players in ranked that I'll never be able to reach diamond or anything close in order to earn cool patterns, ornaments or embossing… its depressing 🙁

  7. I think one of the best things about your content is that you don’t play like a lvl 3 bot. You’re good as hell, of course but at the same time you make mistakes and lose sometimes. It’s genuinely really nice to see and makes me root for you even more. Keep up the quality content my man, you’re one of my favorites out there!

  8. Damnit tyboo, I leave on holidays and you pass me on valk reps… GGs mate xD
    edit but will you ever surpass my warlord reps? I'd absolutely LOVE to see you do that 😉

  9. On the one hand, attacking AFK players due to the high stakes in Ranked is reasonable, if not in slightly poor taste. On the other, abusing 50/50 attacks is not only viable, but even optimal in terms of winrate. I value your opinion when it comes to For Honor, so how is it that you identify some methods of boosting one’s winrate in Ranked as acceptable but find others (e.g. 50/50s and playing cheesy heroes) so bad they destroy the gamemode as a whole?

  10. I don't understand why people complain about getting attacked while they're afk. Queuing up for a match means you're ready to fight, if you're not ready by the time a game starts it's your own fault.

  11. its been a while since i did ranked. But i will try it. Probably will get my ass whooped.
    Btw Tyboo if u see this gg , even tho i have 21 reps on valk im learning alot from this… :))

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