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MYSTERIOUS STRANGER – Let’s Play Final Fantasy XV Part 3 [Windows Edition] – [TWITCH VOD GAMEPLAY]

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I haven’t played Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy VII when I was 12-13 years old! Final Fantasy XV just released on PC and I’ve been looking for a new adventure to get into! Here is Part 3 of Let’s Play Final Fantasy XV! ?? MORE INFO DOWN BELOW ??
Final Fantasy XV Playlist ►

We Happy Few Let’s Play Playlist ►
Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice ►

32 thoughts on “MYSTERIOUS STRANGER – Let’s Play Final Fantasy XV Part 3 [Windows Edition] – [TWITCH VOD GAMEPLAY]

  1. You know I was extremely disappointed when this game originally launched but I heard about this version and was like meh but after watching you play it with absolute glee for the first time, I had to get it again and notice all the small details you do and it makes it so much better keep up the great work commander!!!

  2. Of all thegames Chris has played over the last year, this is by far the least interesting for me. Even Kingdom Come, with all its bugs and slow progression, was more fun to watch. Not complaining though. I will have less free time for the next couple weeks, so not missing something I would like to watch is nice. I am also grateful for the playthrough of The Council. I like what the devs did with this game, despite the awful facial expressions and skin textures.

  3. I'm looking forward to more fishing trips with Odd lol There are some giant, and majestic fish you can catch. I've spent numerous hours hunting down different species. It gets pretty crazy lol

  4. Hey Odd, just a random game suggestion. What do you think about Legend of Grimrock 1 or 2? I thoroughly enjoyed those games, and they might be games that you enjoy as well. Just wanted to put that out there

  5. 10:17 Ah, what a completely trustworthy and definitely not at all suspicious individual we just met!

    Fun trivia, Ardyn's VA, Darin De Paul, also happens to be the voice of the Warlock from War of the Chosen and Reinhardt from Overwatch. Basically, the Warlock left the aliens to follow his new favorite boy band around.

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