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Mega Construx Destiny Heavy Pike Patrol review

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43 thoughts on “Mega Construx Destiny Heavy Pike Patrol review

  1. This is a stunning set! I actually like the inclusion of two Shanks; although it would have been better if they made the Shanks in House of Winter/Wolves colors to match the Heavy Pike.

  2. I personally think the figure selection for this set is terrible. This would have been a perfect opportunity to introduce dregs into the line and not to mention the 2 devil shanks don’t match the wolves pike, I’m also tired of all the guardians we are getting. Other than that though I like the set I just hope that if or when they make a normal pike they include a dreg.

  3. One thing I love about Mega Construx over lego is that they don't get stingy over making new molds. If they have a set idea in mind but they don't have the right pieces for it they, unlike lego, actually make new pieces for the set to work. Which is greatly appreciated.

  4. I don't mind them sticking to Destiny 1 content. I'm hoping they at least get all of the exotic weapons and armor from the first game before they make the complete shift to Destiny 2. They've done a good job introducing a lot of the exotic weapons, but we're lacking a bit in the armor department.

  5. Even though a lot of the people (in the comments at least) don’t seem to like Mega Construx, I really appreciate your reviews because not many people review these (in such a good quality at least) and I just love the Destiny line 🙂 Keep it up Gnaj

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