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making people RAGEQUIT with… VALKYRIE?! 😂 For Honor Duels

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Hello there! Playing some Valkyrie duels in For Honor and apparently making people ragequit!
Have fun!

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25 thoughts on “making people RAGEQUIT with… VALKYRIE?! 😂 For Honor Duels

  1. Great video, I’m also playing valk again because on this patch. If you see this message, could you tell what are your advanced mouse controls setup, like deadzone, sensibility, width range etc. I’m a kb/m player and I’ve been struggling to find a good setup.

  2. I think your channel would grow more if you include other fighting games. Then alternative between them. Like Monday – For Honor, Wednesday – Mortal Kombat, etc. Btw I really like your videos and you are a very skilled player. Thanks for entertainment.

  3. I think the changes for valk are an absolutely perfect example of why smaller, more frequent changes would be great for the game. Before this patch, valk was pretty bad, and the sweep, a staple and iconic move I her kit was near unusable. Now, with no other changes besides recovery, its a great tool with some risk and reward that is fairly balanced. On top of that, the damage was great qol and makes valk less frustrating to use now that gbs are where they should be. The small changes have come together to make a more fun and more viable hero.

  4. Valk's max damage when the enemy is OoS, regardless of wether it's a throw or a parry, is jump light, light into sweep and punish. You gotta buffer the jump light. Total damage is 65.

  5. Just bought for honor. Huge learning curve since I’m coming from shooters. But the game is very enjoyable. Looking forward to getting better with your help 😃!

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