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Let's Play Prey (2017) Part 29 – Shuttle Bay

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In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an…

10 thoughts on “Let's Play Prey (2017) Part 29 – Shuttle Bay

  1. Explosions and other rapid expulsions of a medium would be audible in space, although they would 'sound' quite different. The expulsion itself would provide a temporary medium for the sound to travel over (provided that the medium itself was moving fast enough, which it likely would be.) A gunshot is also accompanied by a expulsion of gas (both out the muzzle and to some degree, the breach.) Beyond that, the expanding gasses impacting you would provide a 'sound' to you.

    While the movie 'Gravity' got a lot of things wrong, in one scene a capsule explodes and there's an audible 'whoomp' as the gas hits the suit of the protagonist. This is a pretty realistic representation of what an explosion would 'sound' like in space.

    The distance and intensity the sound would carry would also be restricted by the same medium, which would dissipate almost instantly.

  2. Technically, you would even 'hear' explosions in space, but they wouldn't sound the same. The rapid decompression of… well, whatever, would hit you as a wave, most likely sounding like a 'whoomp' against your suit. The metallic clank from a gun probably wouldn't travel up the loose fabric of a suit in any real capacity, but it might travel up the metal bits, depending on how congruent they are. The actual gunshot would be less likely to be heard, as the discharge from the chamber wouldn't be heading in your general direction. Hopefully.

  3. I think the shuttle bay is not nessicarily airless, just filled with co2 and other unbreathable gas that occurs when the air supply breaks down. it would explain why sounds still exist, and the rest of the muffling could just be your suit's helmet.

  4. I would use Neuromods. Being able to skip the bullshit of learning something in a matter minutes is worth using too much hot sauce.

    I don't like the way Neuromods are used in the game. Using a single Mod would take 5 minutes. so to get a certain skill to max you'd have to sit down and shove like 12 of them into your eye for 5 minutes each.

    I would have prefered if each skill at max only took 1 mod. But in order to get some skills you'd have to find them first.

    Like you want to be able to upgrade weapons? Find the guy on talos who was a master gunsmith and download his knowledge.
    You want to be a better marksman? There is a gold medal winning marksman on the station you can copy.

    I don't like the need for 12 mods to get something that should only need 1.
    Why bother making Neuromods that only give you leverage 1?

  5. Now you have Leverage 3, start throwing heavy things around for the hell of it. Maybe the Typhons will begin to fear the Hulk stomping around the station whipping furniture around like a tornado.

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