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Let's Play Doom and Destiny Gameplay – Episode 32 – Battle Tower

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Doom and Destiny is a JRPG that brings a light hearted feeling to the genre and succeeds well.


Doom and Destiny hits many parts of life such as parody religions, big figures, other games, and many others things. Some of the Doom and Destiny Gameplay features what most would which is leveling, attributes, powers, and a story. However the main difference between Doom and Destiny and other JPGs is…

5 thoughts on “Let's Play Doom and Destiny Gameplay – Episode 32 – Battle Tower

  1. Huh, a zodiac-themed battle zone?
    I smell a reference to Saint Seya during the Golden Saints Story Arc ;D

    Or it's just a "common" zodiac-themed thing and the order in the one in the calendar, lol.

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