Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

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Kelsen's Soul Destiny Celebration Give Away! Tips & Tricks for Hidden Temple

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Sorry for the delay guys , i have been busy with work recently so i only manage to make a video now.

Give Away details will be in the video , do watch it to get the event details!.
Dead line : 14th October , I Will be picking 3 winners.

Song Details.
#1. Title : The Land of Warriors , Artist – Jam Hsiao
#2. Title : Aoi Honoo , Artist : Itowakashi

24 thoughts on “Kelsen's Soul Destiny Celebration Give Away! Tips & Tricks for Hidden Temple

  1. Lol forcing people to watch such a shit video and forcing people to like and subscribe for some shit gift cards you wont send.. Just a scam to get free likes and subs.. Disliked and not subbed.

  2. Hi, Kelsen. I think I should win because I've been grinding hard in this game for almost 4 months now but I still can't get strong enough to defeat the bullies especially in Eud (Obviously because I don't top up because I'm still a student) and I wanted to teach the bullies some lessons so with your giveaway, you can help me be strong. Thank you

  3. i think all players comment here deserves and really want to win the price including me. i just enjoy this game and just play. Goodluck to all of us and thanks for this Sir Kelsen. Godbless and Just have fun in this game

  4. Hi sir kelsen, im ur big fans in SD, ur my idol at SD, why i should win ? mm because i need to gearup my character, so i can compete more with people in all events area xD , thankyou and congrats anyway o/

  5. hello kelsen i started to play sould destiny because i saw your videos. i used to see your mobile legends videos and i think i should win because i really want to get vip in soul destiny! good luck to all !

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