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I LOVE THE DIVERSIONIST! | Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP Diversionist Highlights

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In this video, I’ll be showing you guys some clips I have had over the past couple of days on my second account with the Diversionist Operator. This drone is awesome for stealthily spotting your opponents and giving your team major intel on enemy locations. I usually like to run the SR-635 and Thermal Vision on the drone. Hope you all enjoy!


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50 thoughts on “I LOVE THE DIVERSIONIST! | Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP Diversionist Highlights

  1. Just played with this yesterday. Our sniper got 3 kills within the first 50 secs of the match started. Accurate ping and teamwork just annihilate the opposing. Really underrated class. And the gunsmith carbine is a piece of cake.

  2. Although i love siege i wish it had the pacing of this game. Siege has become too twitchy while this game has a very methodical pace. One of the reasons why i loved battlefield on the past generation of consoles is that 24 player maps allowed you to actually plan with your team.

  3. I still dont get why Ubi decided NOT to include a Center Dot for the crosshair, i'm the type of player that like to use OTS (yes even medium to long range) and i get punished for it. Its in my blood i suppose wanting to use the center dot after playing Socom on the PS2 for all those years ago.

  4. Enough fucking around Delta, I'm subscribed. Love your streams, love this game. This video makes me wish I had more regular people on comms to play with – Diversionist is nothing without comms. Looking forward to the next patch – any thoughts which of the remaining weaponry from the solo campaign they're gonna introduce?

  5. This has and will always be my favorite class. But its not near as strong unfortunately as the Pointman or  most of the Assault Classes. However with good team mates ill pick this class anytime.

  6. Say bro don’t be having me on your videos getting shot tf up lmao delly… I knew you had that drone I told puma that but the 4th on our team flyguy wasn’t ready he was knew we gotta run it back

  7. I'm not a fan of this class. Especially since its gotten over used since the update when they changed the Tech class from Jammer to EMP. Too many players think you can't hear the drone but with a good headset it really stands out. Also, me and my crew run the GHOST WAR HQ app, and run the GHOST Satellite view, and you can see when all drones are up.

  8. I keep trying playing passive or aggressive and still get my ass handed to me but I like the game so I keep playing it so ether I get better or stay the same now sitting at 100 deaths over my kills and rolling on prestige 3 Lol

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