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How to Get Lumina Fast: Destiny 2 Lumina Exotic Quest Guide

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Want to get the exotic hand cannon Lumina fast? This is a quick guide showing you how!

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30 thoughts on “How to Get Lumina Fast: Destiny 2 Lumina Exotic Quest Guide

  1. Killed the invader 4 times right after he spawned, didnt touch any teammates. Somehow the game didnt give it to me even tho killed him with Rose, this is beyond annoying.

  2. nobody ever really uses chat in d2 but today I asked who knew where the shaft 13 lost sector was and i got escorted to the chest by like 6 people it was something i haven’t experienced on this game in a long time and a feeling I thoroughly enjoyed

  3. Best method IMHO…Mars, start EP do first part with all the thrawl USING THE MASTERWORKED HUCKLEBERRY (reloads instantly with EVERY kill)…run straight into the Lost Sector and slaughter all the way to boss…USE super every oppportunity. Collected 250 orbs in 3 runs.

  4. For the "Invasions denied" sub-step: Rose is not required, you have to get a "Not on my watch" medal, which means that you (a team mate doing that is not enough) have to kill an invader within 10 seconds, without allowing him to kill any of your allies. So, be a good citizen, just invade and rush mid in order to let the other team players have it, and hopefully they'll return the favor 😀

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