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Hand Lock Key – Mysterious Box Quest Guide! PART 2 (Destiny 2 Black Armory)

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If you haven’t started the Mysterious Box Exotic Quest yet, watch how to do it and get the Fishhook Lock Key here:

Shooting both drones in the Gofannon Forge at the start of Round 2 will give you Maximum Temper, which spawns a crate at the end of the round (you don’t need to kill the boss, just make it to Round 3.)

Opening this crate will reward you with a Black Armory Key used to unlock the Hand Lock.

Shooting both drones in the Volundr…

32 thoughts on “Hand Lock Key – Mysterious Box Quest Guide! PART 2 (Destiny 2 Black Armory)

  1. God bless you sir. thank you for not superfluously making this video long. Quick, precise and to the point. this tells me that you practice the "quality over quantity" mentality. a scarce but awesome trait for content creators. love your channel.

  2. Anyone know if the Hand key is bugged in Gofannon? I keep running over and over again, shooting the drones, getting maximum temper, and then opening the chest after servitor kill. Still is not dropping. Before anyone suggests checking my inventory for the key, I have triple checked. It's not there. This is driving me nuts.

  3. What is worst in life ?
    Answer : Gofannon forge

    What is most Annoying in life ?
    Answer : Gofannon Boss Servitor

    What is second most annoying in life ?
    Answer : Gofannon boss mini servitors

  4. Just a update on the forge. I was 606 and used riskrunner and stormcaller warlock. I got to round 2 with 16 out of 20 orbs deposited. I would definetly use it for this encounter. They proc arc conductor for you almost the whole time. Barely had to use my pulse grenade.

  5. You're an awesome content creator. I'm glad I took a chance stepping out of my small circle of subbed channels to view yours. Hope you gain more of a following as time goes on. I share your stuff exclusively on my clan discord.

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