Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

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Grandma Kensei strikes again! For Honor 1vs1 duel

40 thoughts on “Grandma Kensei strikes again! For Honor 1vs1 duel

  1. 9:03 has no stamina, gets parried, still not oos meanwhile me throws out 2 heavies, enemy blocks the first parries the next, oos me: Okay then. Sorry for trying to play the game in a different way. Allow me to continue bashing.

  2. I havent been watching your videos for as long as some other people have but most of the time I question why you don't get more attention from the community. KingMisty has a lot of subs because he deflects and has a relaxing voice but your voice is so much nicer than his😡. You have everything all those other more popular youtubers have and more❤

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