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For Honor: Year 3 Season 1 – Vortiger Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Armed with sword and kite shield, the Black Priors cut a trail of terror across the land. A heavy class defensive specialist, their shields allow for a range of options to deal with incoming attacks, whether it be from one opponent or multiple. The legacy of the Black Priors begins January 31st.



38 thoughts on “For Honor: Year 3 Season 1 – Vortiger Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. They still have this problem with those characters moving around like they playing ice hockey it doesn't matter which surface they find themselves on. The animation and the way they move is pretty good but they seem to have no contact with the ground and seem to slide all over the place like they have oil under their shoes.

  2. The old trailer style felt like each character had a purpose and reason on who they are and what they do. This, on the other hand, feels like that time someone stops you to talk about their new fabric softener

  3. Sounds like a broken anti gank hero,


    light atk
    anti ganks
    solo domination

    overpowered feat

    (who tf thought regen out of combat was a good idea, basically promoting turtle)

  4. So Black Prior is out and I am met with a great problem.

    My legacy Crusader outfit it not available on him therefore I cannot make him a crusader until Rep 4. Even then the cross paint patter still doesn’t look that great.

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