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For Honor Trailer: For Honor Story Trailer at E3 2016 (Cinematic Trailer)

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For Honor Trailer: historic action game For Honor got a cinematic Trailer at E3 2016’s Ubisoft conference. See for yourself and subscribe to Outside Xbox for more from For Honor, Ubisoft and Xbox at E3 2016:

For Honor comes out on release date 14 February 2017 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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49 thoughts on “For Honor Trailer: For Honor Story Trailer at E3 2016 (Cinematic Trailer)

  1. Am i the only one who cringed when the viking guy snapped the arrow stuck in his chest instead of pulling it out? Cuz now hes got a 3 inch wood/steel object stuck in his body.

  2. Can someone explain to me, like, how the internet works, because I try to watch this trailer on Steam and it runs like ass, so I go to Youtube to watch the video so I can see what this game is about, but at the same time Steam is perfectly fine downloading 3gB of an actual game in like two minutes, but it can't seem to stream video to save it's life. Like, what is happening?

  3. Interesting but random thought… Anyone else notice that as they were randomly killing nameless people for 5 mins that none of the people killed were female? Lots of female soldiers, but none of them took a hit. I wonder if that is 'chivalry' in cinematic development?

  4. this is, in my opinion, just after watching this trailer, total BULLSHIT. but who knows, maby it will be funn, better and actually make at least some sense. Lets see how it goes.. Ubisoft xD

  5. Really? two dudes and a bitch fighting for a cup of water,let. why? they don't remember because the reason was lost long time ago. Good graphics though, but that's all.

  6. is it just me or do appollyn voice sound a little bit like ventress from star wars and was I the only one who thought appollyn was a dude before we found out the person who was talking was a appollyn?

  7. Other warriors I'd like to see at some point: Roman centurions/praetorians, Spartans, something Chinese?(don't know a lot about this) French musketeer/duellist perhaps or something early renaissance like(bit of a stretch but could work)

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