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For Honor – Shugoki Rework Framecheck

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Framechecks and my opinion on the goki rework.

Let’s hope they keep building on it.

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38 thoughts on “For Honor – Shugoki Rework Framecheck

  1. It took a couple days to learn the animations and dodge the mix ups, but his damage is so bad now. And the hug is always interrupted by teammates and does no damage now. And they nerfed his health and the hard to kill feat so he seems even less durable now than before. He needs some love still but he is definitely more useable now. I would say hes just above the D tier heroes like raider, Pk, lawbribger, and nobushi.

  2. "Demons embrace is weak" are you fucking kidding me its literally the most overpower move set in the entire game. It heals you, does a decent amount of damage, and restores your stamina to full and the trade off is tanking a heavy attack if you miss. He doesn't need a damage buff, he needs a damage Nerf! A demons embrace, 2 lights and 1 or 2 charged heavys are enough to kill most heroes. Maybe on PC he is easy to fight but on console he's a pain in the ass

  3. Shugoki's demons embrace is fair at 2 seconds recovery. He gets HP+Stamina if landed and gets punished if poorly timed. Imagine going against someone who would abuse that demons embrace over and over in a 1v1 with a 600ms recovery time. that would lead to turtling and so much more.

  4. goki main here (rep 22, 25 in total lol) his embrace now gives full stam like shaman bite and that allows me to continuously embrace people, the 2 second recovery isn't as bad for me considering I'm used to the old goki, but it should definitely be reduced to at least 1-1.5 seconds, his zone is still mediocre but its not just a free parry for your opponent now, I've been having a lot of fun with the rework, but it still needs a few patches.

  5. I just don’t like how demons embrace is interruptible in 4v4. Annoying teammates keep interrupting my brotherly embrace. A double light combo would’ve been nice too. Over all it’s meh, he doesn’t feel tanky anymore and feels like something is missing. He’s good and all but to me it feels like a nerf on his overall damage

  6. From my experience of fighting this new shigoki people are only using his feint demons embrace. Although this is only after fighting around 12ish shigokis on duel and brawl.

  7. Here's my thoughts on new shugoki, he will do way better against offensive characters who use to kick his ass since they completely ignored his passive hyper armor and headbutt, now that his attacks have hyper instead, he'll do better off, but now he's gonna do worse since his mix ups will become obvious and be punished extremely hard upon missing, the other way I see this is shugoki constantly forcing the enemy to gamble whether to go for a parry or prepare for demons embrace, which means whoever wins is based on a coin toss, his headbutt will eventually become unusable due to his being slow and having no purpose whatsoever.

  8. Headbutt should do some damage as well, similar to haymaker punches from cent since it doesn't guarantee anything. Also can someone tell me if shugoki's demons embrace is guaranteed upon guardbreak like how predators mercy is guaranteed?

  9. i just found out that goki can keep swinging light attacks after out of stamina and yet still faster than balck prior's zone. this is sick and even more you can GB goki when he kept light attacks, there is no i frame. this is definitely a bug.

  10. On paper and in practice no. In 1v1 this demon embrace shits on people. Personally. Hate shugoki since season 1. Now he's just a demon embrace spam with master mix ups. It's like glad and his toe stab.. just annoying

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