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FINAL FANTASY XV PC DEMO | RADEON RX 550 + CORE i3-2120 | Performance & Gameplay

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This time it’s the Radeon RX 550’s turn to see what it can do against
the onslaught of the Final Fantasy XV Demo.

System Specs:

Intel Core i3-2120
MSI Radeon RX 550 2GB
10 GB DDR3
120 GB PNY CS900 SSD
Windows 7 64 bit

Music credits: “Far Apart” by Airglow

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License

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6 thoughts on “FINAL FANTASY XV PC DEMO | RADEON RX 550 + CORE i3-2120 | Performance & Gameplay

  1. Hey I have a Gateway Desktop with the same spec but I can't get the GPU to work because the motherboard is Legacy. How did you bypass that?

  2. For some reason the average FPS on my brand new laptop (i5 8250u, 16gbRAM and rx 550 4gb) is below 10. How can I make it work better?
    (It’s literally at the lowest of the low settings)

  3. Running an AMD Phenom 2 X4 B97. CPU benchmark says it's similar in performance to the i3 – 2120, if not better (it IS a quad core processor, i have no idea how it can be worse, then again, i am not educated). I think i will achieve results similar to your own, but we'll see.

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