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Destiny 2. ULTIMATE GAMBIT GUIDE! How To Win Solo. (Get The Season Of The Forge Pinnacle Weapon)

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This destiny 2 forsaken video is a complete guide to winning in Gambit (Solo or with friends). Season of the Forge will have a Gambit Pinnacle weapon we will want to grind for, so let’s get better and win in Gambit! Destiny 2. ULTIMATE GAMBIT GUIDE! How To Win Solo. (Get The Season Of The Forge Pinnacle Weapon) ✅ Sponsor my channel for exclusive sponsor benefits!
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33 thoughts on “Destiny 2. ULTIMATE GAMBIT GUIDE! How To Win Solo. (Get The Season Of The Forge Pinnacle Weapon)

  1. Titan. Striker bottom tree. Last forever. Can decimate all guardians or envoys and a shit ton of ads. It's especially good when I run that with my dunemarchers. Can get a crap ton of motes deposited really fast.

  2. I'm a titan main hunter secondary and I can confirm the only thing a titan should run is sunbreaker with the exotic chets that regens solor abilities if your on a team and your titan is running the void super and the enemy has a sunbreaker with melting point the enemy will win if they get there primeval up first just because ofeltimg point if they are coordinated

  3. Ok, so i dont mean to be a troll, but your ideas on just choosing to use a subclass on clearing ads is bogus. You also were trying to kill the primevil with dawnblade, BEFORE the onvoys were dead. Good video, friend me on discord @ Geranimo27#0811

  4. If it was down to me, I would have two types of matchmaking, one for solo players and 2 stacks, and the other for 3s and 4s, it may increase waiting times but it’s so unfair going in solo and losing every match you go into because it’s 4 stack after 4 stack

  5. Don't hate just read:

    What if in Destiny 3 we get a Apex Legends version of Destiny? Big ass open world full of loot, mobs, bosses, pve mixed with pvp and questing in between! you could even have planets with pve only and planets with pvp only but Destiny Style! Maybe put 80+ ppl on a planet and just go at it! You could have safe zones that let you party up! buy n sell loot, get quest or whatever. You can even name it "Destiny Forever" or some shit like that! Make it happen Bungie! That would be sick! 😁✌👍

  6. I think the reason folks like to invade on primeval is they feel they can get a few guardians to pop their supers on the primeval and other creatures that spawn with it. If done correctly you can really set back the team in regards to super and heavy ammo used but I still prefer showing up about half way. From past experience folks typically just slowly damage the primeval for the first half waiting for the invader to show up. About that half way point tho they typically say screw it (if the invader hasn't shown up yet) and tried to melt it as fast as possible with supers/heavy (which I feel is far more common than invading at the start). Nothing annoys a team more than being so close to winning and folks invading them. They will waste everything and if close to killing it they typically do not try and hide which can make picking them off easy.

    They just seem more invested at that point and are less likely to even try and acknowledge the invader if they feel they have a good chance to melt the boss. Bigger pay off like this tbh and we almost always wait to be invaded just to melt the primeval the second the invader dies. Nothing like screwing around and having a full health primeval just to melt it in under 10 seconds.

  7. I use Melting point Titan with Hallowfire heart on my Titan having constant Grenades helps clear areas fast.
    Furthermore my preferred setup is Rat king, Drang and then whatever power weapon I feel comfortable with at the time, then once we’re getting close to Primeval I switch to Bygones Ikelos Shotgun and Thunderlord.
    I feel the rat king gives you a lot of survivability. I’ll routinely get almost 100 enemies defeated in two round games.

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