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Destiny 2: Outbreak Perfected JUMP PUZZLE GUIDE

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44 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Outbreak Perfected JUMP PUZZLE GUIDE

  1. Been looking for a video that detailed the jumping puzzle that wasn’t sped up and incredibly hard to follow…FOUND IT! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this to help us out. 🙌🏻

  2. Why am I watching this after completing both the heroic and normal versions multiple times. I still can’t believe people are charging money to carry people through this. It’s honestly easy. The configurations are definitely the most challenging part.

  3. I have run this about 15 times just to get the jump puzzle down, that way when I go in with a team I know what the hell I'm doing. If anybody is still looking to run this, let me know. Thanks for the video, it helped a lot.

  4. Very helpful video! ESPECIALLY the part with the hallways and levers! This makes it look a lot easier than when watching players run through it! Watching a team run through it, can look very confusing!

  5. A 3 man team two people can run a little bit ahead and on the rumba room one person goes left and another goes right the third person don’t need to open any level or he need to do the 4 levels

  6. Thank you so much for posting this man, we desperately needed a slowed down version to watch closely as opposed to trying to fill in the gaps or rewinding to try and she what the streamer was looking at. Thanks again

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