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Destiny 2 – Jotunn – In Depth Review (Exotic Special Fusion Rifle)

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43 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Jotunn – In Depth Review (Exotic Special Fusion Rifle)

  1. Just came here to say…FUUUUCK THIIIIS GUNNNN..tried FIVE TIMES in the past 4 hours at bergusia to get this and NUTHIN not to mention multiple other times as well then i see casual D2 players with it while i play hundreds of hours a week

  2. Funny that the easiest gun to use in the game is one of the most effective, typical Bungie reasonning though, in D3 we'll probably have weapons that instakill players in pvp in every slot

  3. I remember when I heard Jotunn was going to be a fusion rifle I was dissapointed. I thought, with a name like that, It has to be something really cool and badass. I'm glad I turned out to be wrong.

  4. I just got it today and I was upset excited. I went into quick play immediately. Maybe I’m just using it wrong, but it didn’t feel very good in my hands. That was really disappointing to me.

    This might just become a gambit gun for me..

  5. Got this yesterday and have not taken it off! It’s too much fun in PvP. It is a noob tube but it’s fun and that’s why I game, to have fun. Also the recluse is my next fave that thong shreds!

  6. so you can't get it from a random drop then? aww.. dang son lol. granted idk alot about it, but i still really want it. personally, & i know it's just my opinion, but tend to do really well with fusions in crucible especially, as you can pretty much one shot, even with just a rare fusion, so long as you are within range, almost everytime. i honestly want to use other things, just so i can get practice with other weapon types, & also so i don't completely burn myself out on them lol. but i always find myself coming back, as the most u need is 2 shots to kill, & for me it's just one of those weapon types that almost certainly guarantees you a kill.

  7. How are people saying this gun in balanced. Look at that gambit footage! That is a fast firing rocket launcher that tracks! It can even 1 shot any super at full health. I agree that exotic weapons should feel exotic but not this exotic. I am currently taking a break from destiny because I just got matched with 5 teams all with this gun in competitive and the only way to kill them is too pray to GOD that the tracking cant get you behind a wall which it usually does.

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