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Destiny 2 | How to Get to 650 Power Level – Black Armory Guide

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Here’s a guide on how to begin working toward Power Level 650 in Destiny 2 Black Armory.
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37 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | How to Get to 650 Power Level – Black Armory Guide

  1. Hello plz reply what's going on with the prime engram buff is not there ? I've left it for 2 days and it's not there I'm 600 light 🙁 how can I get it back I've completed every thing 🙁

  2. Gotten like 6-7 prime engrams after getting lvl 50 today on my first character.. It just gives me the same useless shit every time. Some dumb weapon I don't want to use, typically a bow. Never any armor…

  3. Its not about wether or not its easy or hard to level up light. i actually wish it was a bit harder to level up instead of play our game for 1 hour a day for a week straight again, even tho you paid us AGAIN for content. At least with all the previous content you could at least Level or just Exp. content in the SOLO MISSIONS.. why take out every sense of the solo expeirence..

  4. they just don't get it that the content isn't enough to keep players coming back and stay., they need to refresh older activities and make al the older gear/weapons valuable again. Give them random rolls, but give each player one draw out of your collection per weapon/armor you collected before forsaken ( ONLY if you collected it) if its a shit roll so be it, but then theres at least something you give back to the players. its a pain in the ass collecting gear by doing the same borring shit al over again. Keep it fresh with more content then this, also i know its pure engame but men some story would be nice

  5. What people aren't realizing is that there isn't a boring story to play through that people wouldn't want to do.

    This is what we wanted. This is what we got. And I'm happy about this DLC being about the grind. It isn't majorly hard either getting to around 615 within the first week, with the power engrams and Prime engrams.

    And people really expect to do the Raid as soon as it drops? Didn't we remember what Last Wish was like when that came out?

  6. Not very far since my "powerful" engrams are bugged. Flashpoints dropping at the soft cap level and Petra Bounty dropped a whopping 2 points above 600. Every activity besides Prime Engram dropped at 1 point above and if I swapped weapons it stalled. $40 yeah this feels worth it.

  7. Is there a clan out there that actually plays with their clanmates please invite me if there is because my clan mates are a bunch of douchebags that only want to play by their self just looking for some cool people to play Destiny with that would make it a lot better and rewarding for all of us

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