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Destiny 2: How to Get (& Thoughts On) Malfeasance – Exotic Hand Cannon

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Malfeasance is the Gambit exclusive exotic hand cannon. While I think it’s one of the best looking exotics we’ve ever gotten, I can’t say the same for its performance.

Re-uploaded because I forgot a quest step that I did 2 weeks prior and yeah, just forgot.

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46 thoughts on “Destiny 2: How to Get (& Thoughts On) Malfeasance – Exotic Hand Cannon

  1. Gambit's fun.Ik everybody hates it but what I most love about gambit is invading.Pretty much burst rifles but I really recommend bygones/any high impact and range scouts with Hand cannons.hope this helps :]

  2. I actually got this gun today by accident lol. It was on my pursuit list and I was like wanting to finish it up not knowing what it is anyway and then boom it gives me that

  3. "Getting the quest is easily the hardest part"
    Umm so I'm 700 and the 570 mission is extremely hard. Like I get shredded by an acolyte

  4. This is 4 months old by now and I still haven’t seen the meatball once… (not grinding it 24/7 but I played a good amount of gambit in curse weeks)

  5. What was he talking about at the end? For the invader kills. “Bust out the you know what” to get 4 kills. I recently started playing again, and I have no idea what he was referring to

  6. I'll be honest, I wasn't even trying to get this exotic, I just got it by chance trying to get BreakNeck. (I play a lot of gambit) I thought it was easy to get this whole time till he explains how to grind for it lol

  7. Using the well for the taken mini bosses portion no longer works Just did a bunch of well rounds and saw no increase in the number even though I was killing the bosses most of the time.

  8. After 8 months I finally had the opportunity to kill this fucker this morning but noooo he got his bs shield while both teams were close to kill so we lost 8 fucking months and finally

  9. Gotta be honest, this needs a buff to get up there with the other exotic handcannons like ace, thorn etc. I'm currently grinding out the quest for this and I hope they buff it soon

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