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Destiny 2: How I Got 600 Light Level FAST! (Level Up Quick)

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30 thoughts on “Destiny 2: How I Got 600 Light Level FAST! (Level Up Quick)

  1. I just want to point out that when I talk about the third week, I really meant to say the fourth week. It took me 21 days to get 600 light and I got it on the Tuesday of the fourth week.

  2. Hey JumpinProductions, I have a question for you. What if im 417 light level, what should I be doing to get to 500+ ? ….I didn't do any Nightfalls in Destiny 2 main game or Curse of Osiris or The Warmnind, I only have done 2 Nightfalls in Forsaken and one was last week and the 2nd was this week.. I also haven't done any Raids in Destiny 2 the main game or Curse of Osiris or The Warmind.. And that is because I been pretty much playing alone and no one invited me to anything, so it's kinda hard to increase your light level when you haven't done any Raids to get more powerful gear and weapons to increase your light level.. But see the problem is not me, the problem is Destiny 2 people because everyone on Destiny 2 are just plane fucking rude because after everyone has completed the first Raid so many times in the main game they don't want to help other people who haven't done it because they don't want to carry them through the Raid – and the same goes for all the other Raids that have come out after the main game.. And you know it really really fucking sucks for all the other people who are in the same boat as me, because WE want to play and enjoy the game just as much as them and we want to get are HANDS on all the NEW GEAR AND WEAPONS AND EXOTICS just as much as them.. But WE can't fucking play and enjoy the game as much as them, because THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP US !!!!

  3. Just play Destiny 2 and when you realize on your main account(s) you cannot level up delete/create (old) accounts and play on those and you will level up quick AF.

  4. step one: grind u pto 600 light by doing bounties challenges and the raid.
    step two: get extra 600 gear
    step trhee: make a new character
    step four: max that characters level
    step: five: transfer that gear over and infuse
    step six: DONE

  5. Thank your for an idea on how to get to lvl 600 a bit faster. I got the game almost 2 weeks ago because it is free and still is. Now i am light-level 500… while i have school like a lottle less than 8 hours per day without the weekend of course.

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