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Destiny 2 Forsaken | How to Get Seed of Light & Unlock Additional Supers

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Here’s how to get the Seed of Light in Destiny 2 Forsaken, used to get your second and third subclass supers.
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29 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Forsaken | How to Get Seed of Light & Unlock Additional Supers

  1. update your video coz it doens't drop like dat now … The update locks teh way that you explain to get de seed ….i ALREADY HAVE 3 seed on my hunter and i cant unlock to my titan the 2 other seed ..just the one who is given to us in main story ….

  2. I've done tier 2 and 3 15-20 times and nothing. Fuck this stupid shit. Why didn't they put them at level and mission requirements like normal. I'm 552 LL btw so it's not like that's the issue

  3. I've tried Blind Well for the last week to unlock my third Subclass ability at Tier II and III, and I get neither the Seed of Light or good loot. Plz tell me I don't have to do the bloody raid, cause X-Box Raid community generally sucks.. they want you to know it without doing it.

  4. second sub class is possible to get from blind well but third doesnt work. Ive done 50 blind well missions on tier 1 2 and 3 but havent got my third subclasss so far? suggestions?.

  5. I already got my 3rd sublass and did not do this public event.Only being doing story mission ,crucible,other bounties ,a kot of gambit ,other public events in tangled shore ,etc .Have not done much in Dreaming city and i have my 3rd subclass for my titan for Arc already and all are open in other subclasses .I personally think you just have to do anything and in time you get seeds of light.

  6. Please help ! I have my first and second super and ran blind well for a while and during the blind well all of my team had two supers . No one got seed of light . How do I get my third do I need to wait for a while ?

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