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Destiny 2 Forsaken: Geomag Stabilizers Exotic Review

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Geomag Stabilizers are amazing chaos reach exotics in Destiny 2 Forsaken. This is my review #destiny2 #forsaken

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28 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Forsaken: Geomag Stabilizers Exotic Review

  1. You're so fucking Gr8t man!!
    I love your content and your outbursts,

    I just got Chaos unlocked this morn after some Blind Well shit and it's awesome sauce,
    I feel powerful again as a Storm,

    Keep up the good uploads,

  2. I feel like this gameplay is misrepresenting the perk. Wouldn't it be better to quickly dps and cancel the ult, getting more use from the topping off by having it active as frequently as possible?

  3. I've never been more excited to play as my Warlock, omg. I got the Geomag Stabilizers about a week ago and was too naïve to realize just the amount of insanity it would grant me.

  4. Would love it if some of these youtubers did a comparison reveiw on Geomag and Crown. Now i dont have Geomag yet, but i certainly do have Crown. And honestly……i doubt Geomag beats Crown, even though its not fully suited for Chaos Reach. The fact that i get back like 25-30% super by useing my super on adds is mental, not only that…..with Ashes to Assets trait on my Crown i can at times get upto 50% super on grenade kills depending on the amount of adds my grenade kills + the main perk conduction tines AND with that again i get my grenade back literally seconds after useing it.

    But will be fun to get Geomag one day and see if i find them better……….its probably situational like everything else.

  5. This is only better for single-target DPS. Crown of Tempest is still the better rounded exotic; You recharge your super AND abilities faster between the perk and ionic traces.

  6. Finally got One Thousand Voices yesterday, I was bored, running Gambit solo trying it out against invaders and the boss. The boss dies, an exotic drops AND IT FINALLY WASNT A DUPLICATE… WOO BABY, GEOMAGS AND 1K VOICES TO MELT THE GAMBIT BOSSES ALL DAY. That’s right boys, got Geomags off a random exotic engram boss drop in Gambit, and now the rest of the Gambit bosses are feeling the wrath because of it.

  7. these dropped for me this weekend it is the as good as the Lunafaction boots on well of radiance , and when adds spawn while damaging the gambit boss i have had my super bar charge while firing my laser go from 1/4 to 3/4 and killed the adds without leaving the boss

  8. Whats wrong with you and your style, not nice to hear your crazyness and overacting. When you get your feet back on the ground let us know, ok. Till then, hope you sort it out !

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