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Destiny 2 Forsaken – EASY ACE OF SPADES GUIDE!

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Super easy and helpful guide on how to obtain Cayde 6’s Ace Of Spades hand cannon in Destiny 2’s Forsaken Expansion! Includes everything from how to get the quest, cache locations, tips and more!

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35 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Forsaken – EASY ACE OF SPADES GUIDE!

  1. Ok I just got it and here are a few tips. For the invasion kills: I found that the emerald map works best and you should sorta stay around the ruins because invaders have to pass by there. For the persuasion kills there aren’t really tips besides playing rumble because you encounter more enemies. For the kills in strikes: just play strikes for about an hour and you’ll get it. Go for low health enemies. Just use YouTube for the ace in the hole and causes caches. And to get the last hand ornament, talk to Amanda after getting ace of spades but you have to have the legendary edition. I can’t believe I typed all of this out

  2. For me, the Invaders don't invade fast enough. It's rarely maybe 3-4x a game and when they do invade, they get taken out so fast by non-hand cannon moves it's crazy. I don't even have a chance let alone ks it with a hand cannon ? most of the people I used to play with are gone now so gl for me to coordinate with anyone. But I keep winning them Gambit game so it's cool I guess

  3. it wont happen but Bungie need to take the pvp steps out of this quest, the only reason step one is there is to force people into gambit, some of whom may not want to participate in gambit due to the PVP element to it. why they didnt see the anger it would cause forcing non pvp players into the mode is beyond me. should be a choice of path between PVP which is faster but another path for PVE so those who hate PVP dont have to do it.

  4. It was almost unnoticeable during the campaign that Cayde wasn't voiced by Nathan Fillion, but during the clip i can definitely hear it's Nolan North. He has the same inflection, but his voice doesn't hit the notes just right.

  5. This might be off topic, why the hell does it cost so much to infuse stuff. I mean really, it's such a pain to increase a weapon when you barely have any masterwork cores and that they cost an arm and a leg to buy. Money isn't really a huge problem but the whole legendary and masterwork cores is. I hadn't really seen any youtubers talking about it at all. That's also because they have people using the same account to get more cores and shards.

  6. Bungie said were making everything new and no remakes OK explain this first when destiny 2 dropped everyone hated it BC it makes no sense like our armor is gone our guns are gone but wait they brought back a gun called (sleeper simulant) hmm I wonder why they brought it back and also the ace of spades and the jade rabbit and suros regime they did that becues most of d2 players rate was dropping and the second reason is there is no grinding so that's in my opinion.

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