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Dark Souls III – Soul of Cinder Easy Kill

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Dark Souls 3 – How to beat Soul of Cinder

Boss Name: Soul of Cinder
Immunities: None (but resists fire)
Weakness: Bleed

Soul of Cinder has 3 forms in his first phase:

-Straight Sword form:
He will always start in this form and it’s fairly simple – just strafe around him and wait for him to attack and then attack during his recovery period.

-Caster form:
This is the best form by far, he has practically zero melee attacks so feel free to get up close and punch him as hard and often as…

26 thoughts on “Dark Souls III – Soul of Cinder Easy Kill

  1. why do my twinblades only get 36 bleed aux? im at 99 hollowing too, hollow twinblades, 46 luck and 44 dex. has anything been patched since this video or why is that? thanks for the video! edit: that worked well thanks….but still wondering why my bleed aux is lower

  2. This guy was pretty easy, even easier with lothric knight straight sword and black knight shield +10. Just make sure to run back when he raises his sword to do the aoe fire attack combo in phase 2.

  3. Bleed build = Casul
    Poison build = Casul
    Dex build = Casul
    Int build = Casul
    Faith build = stupid Casul
    Strength build = Casul
    Dark souls 1 Lava Ring Kick build = pro

  4. hi Im a stupid casual played the boss yesterday I have some few questions who is soul of cinder ? what happened to the rest of the world its more like in collapse ? why I need the lords ember to reach him ? as the story said you should kill the lords because they lift there duty to link the fire and many of unkindled ones failed to bring them etc why the lords  refuse to link the fire is it because the strength of soul of cinder or other reason ? finally why I am fighting him ? isn't he linking the first flame ? please answer me I loved the boss and I really want to learn the lore behind him

  5. The key is to use lock on, dance around him. Hit him while he tries to use his magic on you. And I would recommend using a great shield. Preferably the great shield of glory upgraded to at least plus 4. When done so, if you happen to be caught in his soul stream attack you can tank the whole thing with the shield. Making for a very cinematic inclusion.

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