Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

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Dark Souls 3 – Wolf Knight's Greatsword PvP

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Shadowplay messed up half my footage because reasons.

Music –
5PM – Animal Crossing New Leaf OST
Alert Phase – Metal Gear Solid OST
Superman Intro Theme
Connection to a Different World – Joseph Jacobs

43 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 – Wolf Knight's Greatsword PvP

  1. Great, quick, entertaining videos man. Very humourous and solid gameplay too. Also, I find it fucking hilarious that you switch hats when you land a parry. Better than the ring switch. I can only imagine the opponent's head: "Did he just put on Wolnir''s Crown while parrying me..?" Now that's one subtle bm.

  2. Lol this channel is like the DS3's salty corner xD if youre so bored of the game why even play? But what do i know, i mean, your subs seem content right?

  3. Inferno how do you know its going to be a successful parry to do the equipment/ring swap?I pulled it off only once but i stuck with the menus or waiting to see if the opponent is in the parry animation and i dont have enough time to take the ripost.Any tips?

  4. Remember in DS2 the one that every tard jumps on the bandwagon to hate for no reason except that it's "the cool thing to do" had the better Artorias sword that went in the LEFT hand, had the vertical flip AND the horizontal spin?

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