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Dark Souls 3 – Witch builds

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Witch fancy builds against the best of arena! Hackers, lagers, salty runners – all the good staff.)

0:01 Witch with toxic mist and warmth
8:05 Witch with 9 Attunement slots
17:36 Witch of darkness and light (sorry forgot to record stats)

3 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 – Witch builds

  1. Damn, that first fight was damn good. I mean, I assumed that the really weak Spellbuff was gonna ruin the fight, but it seems like it was okay? I mean you can always just use Sunless and Pyro Flame, but, I guess it's for quickly casting a Pyro and Miracle? Nvm, these fights came out good.
    Yeah just use Sunless so you can poise cast Lifehunt Scythe and Dorhys Gnaw. But with Gnaw it leaves you open for a backstab.

    Oh… No… Dude you're using Heal Aid. Oh damn…. I see, you have enough Attunement to keep spamming spells but not enough Faith and INT to do good enough damage… or have a good Spellbuff.. Well it is the White Hair Talisman, but yeah you need to use Preists Chime and Pyromancy Flame. Or Sunless Talisman and Pyromancy Flame and Crystal Chime.

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