Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

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Dark Souls 3: Shira Cosplay Build (4 Man Ganks)

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43 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3: Shira Cosplay Build (4 Man Ganks)

  1. Mad king is my fave weapon and the nuke it can give you can be effective if you get a critical hit while it is active it helps if there's more then one person on you hard to pull off but can be worth it

  2. I love playing this game and doing PVP.
    But I'm on Xbox so everyone I beat a gank they all puss out and just stop, never to return.
    So I might get three groups maybe a fight club.
    All just for maybe an hour then people have vanished.

  3. Yay! 9:26 Here I am again! This time I got my revenge from the parry and 2 defeats u gave me night before yesterday!
    Its 2-2 now hehehe (1 vs 1 I would be rekt most times tho 😂)
    So fun fighting u bro! GG

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