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Dark Souls 3 Killing Eygon Of Carim *Easy*

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This Dude Was A Bitch To Kill So I Had Some Enemies To Help 😛 He Drops A Pretty Decent Weapon If You Have Strength Up:)

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23 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 Killing Eygon Of Carim *Easy*

  1. When I first met Eygon I found him to be very disrespectful and rude.  Therefore, we engaged in battle.  I immediately regretted hitting him first.  He started powering up and a great flash of light blinded my 1080p screen.  I took a deep breath , regained my senses and began to attack and roll with Eygon.  My speed and dexterity was too much for Eygon and he fell to my Claymore.  I was rewarded with his weapon and uber heavy shield.  I figured because of his attitude I was suppose to kill him.  He was very rude to me and the woman.  Once I killed him his armor was available for purchase from the dusty old woman who we give our $hit covered ash too.  Good riddance Eygon the @sswhole.

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