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Dark Souls 3 – All Boss Weapons Showcase (Move Sets and Weapon Arts)

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A video showcasing all of the weapons that the bosses use in Dark Souls 3, and the weapons you can spend boss souls on. Each boss weapon has a unique weapon art which is usually done by holding R2 / RT and then attacking. This does use mana, however. Some boss souls give you two options (such as the Princes). To get both the weapons, you’ll need to kill them in New Game+ as well.

To get the boss weapons in the game, you must kill the Curse-rotted greatwood and get the kiln from it. Give…

50 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 – All Boss Weapons Showcase (Move Sets and Weapon Arts)

  1. I'm new to Dark Souls and I love weapon effects and animations. I'm playing Dark Souls 1 and only a handful of things give weapon animations like Resins, Miracles, etc. I wonder if I got Sulyvahn's Blue Sword can I make it glow while normal attacking and can I put some Resin or Miracles on it? I just want to fight monsters with flashy weapons.

  2. "I've got boss weapons!
    "did you say boss weapons?!?!"
    "where do you live?
    "right down the road can't miss it"
    "Right down the road"
    "right down the road"
    "Right down the road"
    "Right—Bye bye!!"

  3. Sad thing about most of the boss weapons is that many tend to be rather mediocre at best compared with even starting weapons. A prime example is the Dancer's Enchanted Swords (compared with the Sellsword Twin Blades). The Dancer of the Boreal Valley turns into a walking Unkindled shreader with them, but for the player, you inflict the equivalent of a paper cut. The scaling is also extremely low for a boss weapon (D rank on STR/DEX/INT/FAITH), even when maxed. At the least it should have an A rank in Dex with B in faith/int/str to make if feel more like an actual boss weapon.

  4. I remember back when I couldn't decide to get ds3 or not having no previous experience with it, then I saw you could get boss weapons like in classic rpgs, it helped influence me to buy it thanks to this vid, thanks

  5. I hate the fact that they NERF the Weapons when they give them to you but when the BOSSES have them they're OP AF the BOSSES don't need to repair them after constantly attacking etc. the Stats excellent and the DAMAGE OUTPUT is Massive this has to change.

  6. Timestamps for Weapons
    Gundyr's Weapon 0:06
    Vordt's Great Hammer 0:56
    Hollowslayer Greatsword (Greatwood) 1:44
    Arstor's Spear (Greatwood) 2:29
    Crystal Sage's Rapier 3:09
    Deacons of the Deep Weapon 3:43
    Abyss Watchers Weapon #1 4:27
    Farron Greatsword (Abyss Watchers Weapon #2) 5:21
    High Lord Wolnir's Weapon 6:18
    Pontiff's Weapon (Dark) 7:10
    Pontiff's Weapon (Fire) 8:19
    Old Demon King's Weapon 9:15
    Yhorm the Giant's Weapon 10:09
    Darkmoon Crossbow (Aldritch) 10:58
    Dancer's Enhanced Swords 11:48
    Moonlight Greatsword (Oceiros, The Consumed King) 13:03
    Dragonslayer Armour's Weapon 14:23
    Lorian's Greatsword (Twin Princes) 15:22
    Lothric's Holy Sword (Twin Princes) 16:04
    Nameless King's Weapon #1 17:11
    Nameless King's Weapon #2 18:13
    Soul of Cinder's Weapon 19:16

  7. more details :

    0:06 : Gundyr's Halberd
    3:43 : Cleric's Candlestick
    4:27 : Wolf Knight's Greatsword
    5:22 : Farron Greatsword (so badass!)
    6:18 : Wolnir's Holy Sword
    7:09 : Greatsword of Judgement
    8:19 : Profaned Greatsword
    9:13 : Old King's Great Hammer
    10:09 : Yhorm's Great Machete
    11:48 : Dancer's Enchanted* Swords
    14:22 : Dragonslayer Greataxe
    17:11 : Storm Curved Sword
    18:12 : Dragonslayer Swordspear (also badass!)
    19:16 : Firelink Greatsword

    P.S. : You can fuse the Twin Princes' weapons to obtain the Twin Princes' Greatsword. Also, iknow it's not really a weapon, but there's the Yhorm's Greatshield. And, even if they aren't bosses, you can have the Demon's Greataxe and Demon's Fist with the Soul of a Demon.

  8. The weapon move sets seem to be the best in the series, I hated how repetitive they were in DS2 and how they removed special R2s. The weapons feel a lot more weighty as well without being too slow. Tanimura take notes! lol

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