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Choosing a Main in For Honor | and why it's important

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In this video I’ll explain why it’s important to choose a main early on in your For Honor Career. Maining a character teaches you the basics of the game. After some practice you’ll learn your mains moveset by heart which means you can focus on defeating your enemy. This is practically why you need to have a main in For Honor, and this is just my opinion.

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23 thoughts on “Choosing a Main in For Honor | and why it's important

  1. I chose my main as valkyrie. In duels i have a 100% win rate of 42.00 K/D/A. I played her since i got for honor about 5 months ago and im a rep 5. She is my go to for every match and- ive always loved spears. Ive always used spears in every battle game so, She just stuck with me 😄

  2. To be honest. When I first started playing I was jumping all over the place the same way. Playing different heroes, not really giving one specific hero a try. Then I tried out Gladiator. I love the ancient Greece and ancient roman time periods where combat was a way of life. So I figured why not?! He's got a trident, and a buckler. After playing him so much in duels, and dominion here and there. Along with a few stretches of good breaks from the game. I can honestly say the fact that Glad is still my number one go to in duels and any game mode is saying something. I'm a man who doesn't really embrace commitment. The only tip I have for new players. It doesn't matter the moveset or how hard it is. Pick a character that you think is cool, and like. And put in the time to learning his moveset. Don't go based of whos the best of the best. That changes from season to season. If you want a main or two. Pick someone you like the look of, and makes you think oh that'd be cool to play as.

  3. I have a rep 8 highlander, my highest, but I'm not sure which fits my playstyle the most, I enjoy almost every character and I know how to play them. I just don't know who to stick with and I feel like I'll get bored.

  4. When I tried to find a main I played many charakters and they all didn't fit my playstyle. After some other mains I finaly chose kensei as my main… that was a long search but now I have a win ratio of 80% in duels with kensei!!! I didn't even think of getting near to 70%. After all it was worth it

  5. It’s not hard for me to choose a main because I have the season pass I have more variety it’s just when I get to rep 4 or 6 they just get boring for me like my kensei he is rep 6 and I haven’t played him for 2 years when I sold the game because it was boring but I didn’t have the season pass and it got boring but then I bought the game again not that long ago and got the pass and I was hyped to use centurion and I love him he is rep 4 but I recently took a break from because I was like I have a rep 6 kensei that I haven’t played for 2 years and a rep 4 cen so I was like I have a rep 1 warlord and I wanna use armashua but long story short I can’t stick with one person for that long and dedicate myself to putting the effort making them rep 10

  6. I've played For Honor for about a week now. I chose samurai and almost since the first few matches I've played Nobushi. I'm getting really good at her. I have 70% winrate in 1v1:s. I just bought shinobi too and that's the only characters I've played. Except Raider cuz he's obviously overpowered if you use him right.

  7. Hi. I have ~20 hours in the game, including the campaign. Now I have enough money for a dlc character, but idk which to choose. The Highlander looks awesome, but as I experienced in training, very hard especially with mouse and keyboard. I also tried centurion, and it was much better, but I don't really understand what is the win condition of the character. You just tapping the enemy, but nothing special. What would you recommend me? In dominion, I usually hold B or the middle, and sometimes roam, and I would want to play somebody with I don't struggle in 2v1 or 3v1 all the time, and can kill 1-2. Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.

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