Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

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Buffed Conqueror Dominates – For Honor Dominion Gameplay

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21 thoughts on “Buffed Conqueror Dominates – For Honor Dominion Gameplay

  1. Bro that line made me think you re a creep lol by the way being direct and honest works best so, saying "hi nice to meet you, you re pretty I want to know you" is not a bad idea, usually brings out what kind of girl you have in front of you. And yes, conq buff is nuts i love it so much 26 dmg lights in revenge omg is so sweet.

  2. Ohh I wish I could win dominion matches with conq. I just can't anti-gank with him 🙁
    Nice video btw! I've been watching your videos for a couple weeks now since i'm trying to learn conq and i've been enjoying them all. Keep it up!

  3. And im sorry to hear about the girl, the line worked on me but I hope you find a woman one day cause I am in the struggle as well, but we will find one one day and it will be glorious love and sex for us from than : )

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