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Welcome to Gamertag VR! This channel is all about live stream gaming, live chat discussions, first impressions, revisits, content updates & giveaways. I’m here to help you make the right choice & meet decent gamers in the process. If this sounds good then please subscribe, click 🛎 to stay up to date with everything Gamertag VR

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  1. I use the dual shock PS4 controllers. How do I map the look up and down movements to the right stick. I’m tired of raising and lowering my head to look up and down.

  2. i know that moves or aim controller gives better immersion but tracking them by ps camera is…hmm very sloppy ( is this a proper word?) . Aiming by head ( like in RE7 vr or Doom vr) is much much more precise. Moves and aim controller are sloppy and "flowing". I prefer precision instead of "immersion" couse precision makes vr more immersive in my opinion than possibility to move hands separately, but sloppy, sight shaking, unnatural…. this is worst than head aim.

  3. Love the motion controls!

    The only thing is that I wish the walk option also allowed you to sprint.

    Skyrim was able to do it. I could see a simple double tap on the walk working.

    Little bit pick aside…

    Great experience and I love all the play options.

    Would love the dlc

  4. They should come out with a Key Binding option as they do on PC, but that would make things easier for consumers but harder on the Devs.

    It's not really too much harder it's more of a thing Devs use to try to get out of it but it's not necessarily the easiest thing in Game Programming.

  5. Watching this while I let the game download from the bundle I got today…with my 6gb internet speed I might get to play tomorrow 🙁 Thanks for the info dude this should help.

  6. Now Binge watching your (finished) livestreams while at work 😀 …. Excellent tips. Hope more and more of the game companies will recognise the work you're doing. Looks like there is no excuse not to get this game.

  7. Thanks! I was thinking of getting this but I was worried that the controls would be bad and I was going to wait until the add Aim support. But it seems quite nice with the Moves.

  8. Okay.I tested this with the move controllers today.I’m not a huge fan of those and I didn’t become a fan after testing and returning to dualshock.I find it just too hard to enjoy the fast paced fights with move controllers as I’m not used to them.It just feels really stupid pointing the other controller where u want to go.Works really well with the dualshock for me.A great game.Second only to RE7.

  9. I want to use the moves but am finding the on screen gun is not correctly lined up with the move controller.Especially with the pistols.. Have to hold the move controller at an odd angle to have the crosshair pointing at the target

  10. I can only manage 20 minutes without motion sickness, I hope I get used to it as I really don't want tunnel vision on. I much prefer ds4 at the moment.

  11. Great job GT ,This clears up all the confusion and misinformation that some people spread .I watch multi platform VR channels occasionally, And some of the nonsense people post about PSVR and move controllers is sometimes out of jealously, Analogue sticks aside the move controllers work great! Thanks for a great demonstration.

  12. What do you guys think about this…
    Maybe there should be a personal pre-set for PS4 FPS VR games in the PS settings menu.
    What it would mean you´d have same settings for the VR controls in every game no matter how the in-game settings are called..
    For me it feels just stupid having to set everything up ingame.
    This has actually been done with ps3 I think where u have certain pre-sets for FPS games,correct me if I´m wrong..

    This channel is great,,,quick answers and vids,keep it up mate.

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