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Borderlands 2: Most surprising weapon in the game

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To me- the Bekah is the most surprising weapon in the game, with the Pimpernel being a close second.

The Bekah is surprising because most assault rifles are underwhelming, the other Jakobs pearlescents suck, and the card doesn’t reveal its true power.

The Bekah is a Pearlescent Assault Rifle from the second Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack, which includes Digistruct Peak and overpower levels.

28 thoughts on “Borderlands 2: Most surprising weapon in the game

  1. Bekah's most viable for characters/builds that enhance crits and opportunities to get crits. Mainly Zer0, Maya.

    For other characters focused more on pure DPS, it's not a great choice. But that's true for nearly all assault-rifles, of course.

  2. I think one thing that would make the elephant gun interesting is if they added a damage buff to animal type enemies like bullymong son of crawmerax and the monsters from the big game hunt.

  3. Vladof in a nutshell: *hardbass in background* FIRE RATE, B L Y A T

    Hyperion in a Nutshell: Our only OP guns are our unique Shotguns.

    Dahl in a nutshell: We are the reason Beehawk players exist.

    Jakobs in a nutshell: AMERICA, FUCK YEAH

    Tediore in a nutshell: Krieg and Axton are the only ones useful with our guns. I cri evritiem

    Bandit: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEEE? I MADE MY MISTAKES. GOT NOWHERE TO RUN- Basically, our guns suck. 'Cept for the Jolly Rodger.

  4. Use a gaming mouse where you can bind auto click to a button with the Bekah.

    Oops now you're shooting a 4x projectile assault rifle that does sniper rifle damage

    and all projectile get full amp / Bee damage

    and if you set the mouse up right, this benefits from Metal Storm

    Oops everything is now dying

  5. Haha! 3 years later! I just started back playing this game again as Axton and I use this gun religiously. The only time I switch from it is when an enemy (i.e. Armored Psycho) get's too close and I just use either the Conference Call or Moxxi's Heartbreaker for a non-armored.

  6. so… can I get these weapons in my single player game? Or am I just in for a grind fest if I don't follow 2K all over the fucking internet, buying Micro-transaction Bullshit outside of the game?

    You know everything that's gonna happen in the game, like you're playing it to the very extent of everything ness. I get that, because I find it to be the case after a while, you get to know everything that happens. That's when the game is way over done and time to let go. The game is just a non entity once I know everything inside out. "this guy comes out of that door, you go there, shoot this guy who appears here" etc.. yeah, pretty much done with it now lol.

    Thanks for the showcase of weapons man. They look cool. Just not sure if these are actually obtainable in game or if you have to jump through stupid outside-of-game hoops to get them. I'm not prepared to chase a rat race around social media just to play this.

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