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Borderlands 2: Claptrap’s Secret Stash

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37 thoughts on “Borderlands 2: Claptrap’s Secret Stash

  1. Now THAT is a proper response! U, ehr, i mean You kicked my teeth out verballyand reigned supreme in a battle of witty comments. I humbly salute you sir. Now, lookin back at both responses, don't you agree that the most recent one is a lot more badass than that 300-confirmed-kills-BS. Cause face it, that was really sad. Had you responded to that ninja-1170 dude in the same merciless manner as you reprimanded me, he would still be crying to this very day! Just saying…

  2. Really? The guy gives u a fuckin sad comment where he suggest u kill yerself, which says a LOT 'bout the guys intelligence (or lack there-of to be more specific) and THIS is the best reaction u could come up with? Some BS about u bein' a badass. If u really were a badass u would come up a better response than this horse-piss. Right now, u're equally sad.

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