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Welcome back to Ping Pong Flix, my name is Chris Wong-Swenson
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  1. Harley actually throws up a cell phone, does a back flip, kicks the phone in mid air then the phone hits Montoya, she does a back flip and subsequently gets knocked unconscious. Lolololol like really? How does Harley know how to do that? How can any other these girls throw a weak kick and knock down a 200+ pound bodybuilding looking guy with ease? I'm sorry the action may have been shot well, but I cannot overlook these points.

  2. I dont like at all! The Script is bad, the edition is bad, Black C, Huntress and Montoya are …. Meh. The villians are bad, only Victor has something, Black mask is a Joke, I hate him!. the Score is forgetable. Tha photography and Harley are the only think I like here, BoP is a 5 movie, the worst DCEU movie.

  3. My favorite part of the movie was probably the little montage just before the climax where things started to ramp up. I quite liked that bit. Other parts got me excited as well but not throughout the whole movie but yeah it was all right.

  4. There was a lot I liked in the movie, but all the unknown in the entire dceu really hurt this movie, specifically with Leto and Affleck. Some of the action, though really good, is a little unbelievable. I get it's kinda in Harleys head, but taking all those guys out as easily as she does, but then later struggling in a little cat fight with Montoya is interesting. Also did this movie need to be rated R? I mean you take out the swearing and it's still the same movie. I feel in this case it hurts the movies box office by cutting off younger girls from seeing it.

  5. Glad Bats didn't make a cameo and RT should be shut down . I'll rent this but I wont own it . WB needs to use DCAU as a blueprint and stop this sh*t . Well on the good side WB still made more money then Disney this past weekend .

  6. BOP was missing Joker & Batman, it needed more screen time for Zsasz and Blackmask. They went a bit soft w both characters but okay film, Huntress & Renee were really boring. HQ & BC did great, CC wasn't needed in this film

  7. I rate it a 6/10 if you go in without any idea of the characters. 3/10 overall if I’m thinking about source material.
    Ps: Cassandra Cain did no fighting, no punching at all. She just gets in the way in my opinion.

  8. When it comes to your reviews on DCEU films, I take your critique as a gospel of sorts. Other reviewers who don't really care as much as we do about DC movies, have graded it from trash to average. One guy equated the fight scenes to the old Dolemite blaxploitation movies! Now Wonder Woman has a bit more pressure on her shoulders.

  9. Hey guys I don't want to try to make excuses for this movie, but we also got to take into account that with this Coronavirus scare a lot of people are really not having their focus on entertainment arena. I have not seen the movie but I'm pretty sure its good. Just saying you know.

  10. The movie was pretty bad it depicts men as bad and all of the good moments were gone in a second. This movie needed more Joker and a Batman cameo such a missed opportunity it could've been so much better.

  11. It was a great way to introduce to the other characters (huntress,canary, and the ex cop.) They should've had Batman cameo at least. I loved how captain boomerang reference
    Good movie definitely better than shazam

  12. If you can tell when a movie has reshoots just by the action sequence you can already know that it's utter shit. And considering the fact that the only thing worse than SHAZAM! is josstice league, to say BOP is better than Shazam! is not much of a compliment.

  13. I just saw Birds or Prey, and they weren't that bad to me personally! Everyone did their best! Just some more character development for the Birds and they'll be even more amazing! But overall, Birds of Prey is still ok to me!

    However, like most fans, I'd like to see the MAIN DC characters get their stories done properly! I'm not saying DC and Marvel should be like each other. I'm saying that the fans are fighting for what they want! Still, good luck to both franchises!

  14. Man this movie must really suck , Chris is so optimistic , with him saying it's OK , tells me that it stinks to high heaven but Chris is being Chris and being very nice as being the nice guy he is , I will pass , If Batfleck had showed up I would've seen it just for that but no Affleck , no me

  15. I said and thought the same thing. Almost word for word. I thought it might have been a better version of suicide squad. My ranking mos, bvs, ww, am, bop, ss, Shazam, losstice league (soon to be booted from the list). So I guess top5. I too hope we see black man again I don't care how. Even more zsas for me.

  16. I really liked the film. I guess more because i didnt go into it looking for comic-accuracy or stuff like that. Margot is 💓 and is the main reason I went, but I agree with a lot of what you said. The fighting in the Police station was brutal. Especially the evidence room segment. I give it a 7.5/10

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