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BIRDS OF PREY fans are trying to raise the sinking ship on twitter

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Warner Brothers Birds of Prey is set to only take in 20 million and its second weekend after a less-than-stellar opening. Many fans of the Margot Robbie lead dceu film have taken to Twitter to try and raise the sinking ship. sadly it’s not doing much to drive more people to the theaters


30 thoughts on “BIRDS OF PREY fans are trying to raise the sinking ship on twitter

  1. Representation may not matter to you but it does matter to those who don't benefit from your privilege. If I had known that so many people of color were involved with this movie I would have gone to see it opening night. That being said, I attribute the movie's lack of performance (financial) to be attributable to 1)no joker 2)bad marketing 3)stupid title

  2. Finally watched this yesterday with low expectations… I was still disappointed. Generic cliched McGuffin, constant pop songs over clearly staged action scenes and underdeveloped characters. In all honesty the recent Harley Quinn animated series did more with the character.

  3. I may go see it in a few weeks, but I'm just not excited for the DCEU anymore after what WB has done after BvS.. No Superman movie coming or planned in the unforeseeable future. No Flashpoint. No more future Justice League movies – all canceled as of today (while Marvel is already talking about Avengers 5). Yes, of course I plan to see WW84 , but I'm just not that excited for this Universe anymore.. WB has ruined it for me… Yes, getting rid of Kevin Tsujihara was a good move, but they are stil moving away from the shared Universe model and the larger DCEU they started and got me excited for 5 years ago…

  4. the movie was alot of fun but its just a harley movie not birds of prey. they really screwed up the bop characters and for no reason and then there was that crappy way they killed the main villain. where was barbaragordon/batgirl/oracle. what the hell did they do to cassandra cain who is batgirl and the 2nd best fighter in dc next to batman. what happened there? why did they make a joke of huntress's character? all that female director and writer bullshit and they fucked over the strong women

  5. Sonic and BoP have totally different audience one is an R rated action movie the other is a movie for kids with deep cut easter eggs for sonic fans. Two reason BoP failed the movie and the take on the characters is way of mode and DC fans don't take that lightly and the marketing was lackluster but yeah BoP is good movie. It will do 200 million. Which is okay I guess it has yet to hit japan but yeah I wanted the movie to do big bucks but yeah ahit happens. The uncalled negativity around some DC movies is really mind boggling have seen a fair share of it in your channel too. I think WB need to fix this media bias that's working against them and do some damage control. Stand up for their movies like they did with joker. Can you believe even joker had biggots outraging over It's woke narrative and the SJW media bashing it for glorifying toxic masculinity.

  6. This movie is failing because they marketed it wrong. For one thing they said it was gonna be this feminist movie, I didnt see much of that in the movie. Despite the problems people have with the movie including myself I don't think it deserves to fail but if it does only the people in charge are to blame.

  7. The marketing killed any interest for me. Considering the characters don't look remotely like the comics is another reason. Plus, that's not Cassandra Cain or Black Mask. Those are bad cosplayers.

  8. Blame the marketing they should have. Made it Harley Quinn movie instead of birds of prey movie. Plus I also felt. Making an R-rated was a mistake because lots of teenager girls actually liked her which kind of limited The amount people just to adults.

  9. Here's the answer to the PoB movie low box office. MAKE A BETTER MOVIE. I have watched to many of these videos trying to understand why it flopped. They all says it was fun and entertaining and then list all the things it did wrong. But still say they don't understand why people are not seeing this film. I'd argue that to enjoy this movie you have to purposefully ignore all of the things it did wrong and only focus on crazy Harley. Sorry, in my book she ain't enough to save it.

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